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Employment Services


Support with ease, Lifelong company!

“Service Programs for Persons with Disabilities” helps persons with disabilities to live and work in an appropriate manner, so that they can preserve for their old age without fear of old age; and furthermore, it helps caregivers to receive respite and supportive services to relieve the pressure of long-term care. The aim is to strengthen the family support and mutual support ability of persons with disabilities and their caregivers, so that aging with a disability is not a helpless problem that will break the family. We invite everyone to keep caring persons with disabilities even after they grow old so they can age well.


A lifetime is a sweet promise for most people.

But for families with disabilities, it is an endless responsibility.



40-year-old Hsiao Chun is a person with severely multi-disability and cerebral palsy, she has better verbal and cognitive skills than other service users and can interact with people and make decisions for herself. She was introduced to Eden’s Wang-Fang Center for Disabled People by a neighbor and has been there for 20 years. She has obvious support needs in interpersonal and social skills, and when she encounters situations that are not to her liking, she will often argue and cry to vent her anger, which is difficult to stop for a while and indirectly affects the quality of her life and that of her family. With the support of the services provide by our center, Hsiao Chun has been able to express and stabilize her emotions in a more appropriate way, and although the demand is still there, the negative effects have receded somewhat and the positive quality is being maintained and improved.



Hsiao Chun currently lives with her 68-year-old mother and relies heavily on her for daily living, while other family members live in the north and south of the country, making it difficult to provide direct or immediate support. Now that mother and Hsiao Chun have entered old age and middle age respectively, their family members cannot be with Hsiao Chun and mother at all times. In recent years, the mother has been hospitalized due to health reasons, which means that Hsiao Chun has no one to take care of her. The issue of the double-aging family is the obvious need for the future.


Hsiao Chun is very dependent on and loves her mother and does not want to leave her. The mother had no choice but to discuss with Hsiao Chun about future care arrangements, such as full-time institutions, but Hsiao Chun was unwilling. The mother said, "I'm getting old, and so is Hsiao Chun. If I can't continue to take care of Hsiao Chun, what should we do in the future?


Employment Services

Employment services for persons with disabilities include general, supported and sheltered employment, and are designed for people aged 15 or older with disabilities certification who are capable of working independently and have the desire to work, and provide different services according to their needs, including counseling, matchmaking, vocational training, workplace adaptation, post-employment follow-up counseling, referral and so on relevant employment services to help persons with disabilities find jobs successfully.




Among them, sheltered employment is to provide employment services for persons with disabilities who have the desire to work but are not capable of working, to create a suitable sheltered environment, to provide relative skills and social training, to develop the ability to adapt to the environment, to enhance their vocational ability, and to help them return to the job market.


Care Services



To provide care support for persons with disabilities in community-based or residential institution services, in addition to health care, live care and rehabilitation training, we also provide various courses to develop self-care skills, skills training and positive behavior support for persons with disabilities and their families to improve their quality of life.



Eden invites you to support the “Services Program for Persons with Disabilities” to keep caring the families with disabilities even after they grow old so they can age well.

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