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Eden Social Welfare Foundation
Empower Families with Disabilities

Every child has a future to look forward to.
However, for children with developmental delays, every step in their growth is not easy.
A little more smile and action from the society is all it makes their world full of love and warmth.


Eden Early intervention services make its 30th anniversary.
It has gone through birth, germination, transformation
The service has become more and more inclusive and extensive and deeper.


We always sticking to the concept of "accompanying a child, guarding a family", Eden hopes to create a social environment that is inclusive, friendly and harmonious for all.


We invite you to join hands with us to build a loving and inclusive society, and to guard the slow-flying angels and their families, so that they can move forward bravely in every step of their growth!

Empower Families with Disabilities

I hope to live one day longer than my child...

I will take care of my child until the day I leave...

Do you hear the voices of these caregivers of persons with disabilities?


As the aging of the persons with disabilities and their caregivers accelerates, the need for care becomes more urgent and complex. According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, there are about 1.2 million persons with disabilities in Taiwan, of which about 940,000 are over 45 years old. 92% of them live at home, and nearly 70% of persons with disabilities who need assistance from others are taken care of by their family members, who continue to bear the most caregiving labor.


In order to reduce the burden of care for family caregivers, it is urgent to help persons with disabilities to live a self-sufficient life and vocational training to preserve for their old age, and further strengthen the ability of family support and mutual assistance, so that persons with disabilities and their caregivers can feel at ease and grow old together.

Empower Families with Disabilities

The population over the age of 65 in Taiwan has exceeded 4 million, and it is estimated that we will enter a super-aging society by 2025. In a rapidly aging society, when there are more and more senior citizens, the burden on caregivers and society as a whole will become heavier, double aging issue and senior citizens living alone will become a trend in the future.


Every family has different difficulties in caring for the older persons, but what is the same is that they strive to take care of the older persons out of love, and because of love, they are willing to take care of each other.


Eden hopes to be a partner of the older persons and their caregivers, and through the diversified local services provided by the Care Service Program for Older Persons, to accompany them to grow old well, age with ease and happiness.

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