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Eden Social Welfare Foundation
Empower Families with Disabilities

Disabilities are like a domino pusher, causing one block after another to fall, and eventually knocking down the whole family.By helping a person with disabilities, we can save one family from despair, giving them strength to continue the fight for a better future.








Empower Families with Disabilities

For persons with disabilities in developing countries, they are undoubtedly the poorest of the poor. Eden is committed to using both the gospel and social welfare to create equal opportunities and enable persons with disabilities to participate in society. We have provided life-long holistic services to persons with disabilities, regardless of their nationalities.

Empower Families with Disabilities

The right to “mobility” is the first step away from poverty for individuals with disabilities in developing countries. One wheelchair can lead to education and employment of one disabled person, and in turn improve the economic situation of the whole family.








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