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Employment Services


TRUST they can live a good life

"Service Programs for Persons with Disabilities"provides persons with disabilities with professional and adequate support and services in the areas of life, culture, employment, assistive devices, and housing, to develop their self-care ability and cultivate their artistic and creative potentials, and to alleviate the family care and financial burden, to enhance the quality of family life.


In addition, through caring accompaniment and resource linkage, Eden also helps persons with disabilities to prevent poverty, so that they no longer feel deprived of daily choices and can regain the right of self-determination, and eventually return to the mainstream society to live a good life.


Persons with disabilities are no different from us, all of them are working hard for their lives.

As long as we believe, they will shine and be seen.


After joining the laundry training course, the educare giver arranged for Huei Ru to receive different lessons on work attitude, emotion management and interpersonal communication.


Huei Ru is 52-year-old and the service user of the laundry course at the Yi-Ai small-scale sheltered community workshop in Keelung. She used to suffer from hallucinations, but after 20 years of occupational performance learning, her condition has become better and better, and she no longer has these symptoms.


Recalling her past, her mother said that Huei Ru was born prematurely, with her right hand functionally impaired due to lack of oxygen at birth, and that in her early years, the social environment was more difficult to accept persons with disabilities to work, so Huiru faced difficulties in finding a job, and her goal of live independently was getting farther and farther away.


After learning about Eden's employment service for persons with disabilities through a relative, she applied for join the training course of our Sheltered Laundry Shop. The educare giver arranged for her to receive different lessons on work attitude, emotion management and interpersonal communication, etc. Huei Ru was able to catch on quickly and learned to observe the work of the social workers or educare givers and take the initiative to assist them, or try to cooperate with them when new activities were introduced.


With the accumulation of time and experience, Huei Ru has become very skillful in doing laundry and ironing clothes.


After nearly 20 years in the laundry course, with the accumulation of time and experience, Huei Ru's working ability has increased significantly. She has become very skillful in doing laundry and ironing clothes, and she can tell her peers how to process clothes quickly, which makes her the "assistant instructor" of the Laundry Shop. In addition to her work, she has made great progress in her communication and interpersonal interactions, and hopes to continue to work in the Laundry Shop in the future. Her parents were worried that she wouldn't be able to integrate into society, but now that they are no longer worried, they can finally put their minds at ease.


In the future, the laundry course and the Occupational Performance (OEM) course will be integrated together to become a larger group. In addition to the laundry skills that she acquired, Huei Ru will be able to support the manufacturing work and receive more incentives. She will also be able to participate in a variety of courses to learn and develop new crafting skills, as well as to strengthen her ability to cope with interpersonal interactions, so that she can have the right of self-determination and the opportunity of self-choice in her daily life.


Employment Services:Figure out the appropriate talents for the right places and fully developed the expertise


Eden provide employment services for persons with disabilities include general, supported and sheltered employment, and are served for people aged 15 or older with disabilities certification who are capable of working independently and have the desire to work, and provide different services according to their needs and capacities, including counseling, matchmaking, vocational training, workplace adaptation, post-employment follow-up counseling, referral and so on relevant employment services to help persons with disabilities find jobs successfully.



Employment services provide a holistic, one-stop training platform and venue for for persons with disabilities who have capacities and willingness of work.


Among them, sheltered employment is to provide employment services for persons with disabilities who have the desire to work but are not capable of working, to create a suitable sheltered environment, to provide relative skills and social training, to develop the ability to adapt to the environment, to enhance their vocational ability, and to help them return to the job market.


Care Services:Becoming a support for families of persons with disabilities


With adequate care, persons with disabilities live independently and breaking away from deprivation.


Eden provide care support for persons with disabilities in community-based or residential institution services, in addition to health care, live care and rehabilitation training, we also provide various courses to develop self-care skills, skills training and positive behavior support for persons with disabilities and their families to improve their quality of life.


A wide variety of cultural and leisure activities to help persons with disabilities develop their artistic potential and enrich society.


"Believe, just believe!"


Believes that, given adequate care, they will be able to live independently and develop their potential;


We believe that if they are given the employment opportunity and job accommodation, they will be able to doing all their efforts and contribute to the society;


We believe that as long as they are given a society that understands and respects them, they will be able to return to mainstream society and live a good life.


Persons with disabilities can have the opportunity to leave poverty and hardship behind, get their lives back on track, and make life no longer unbearable.


Eden invites you assist with our "Service Programs for Persons with Disabilities" to support and care for persons with disabilities could leave poverty and hardship behind, so that they can live a good life.

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