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Eden Social Welfare Foundation
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This website is designed based on the regulation of Accessible Web Development Guidelines (AWDG), in which there are three major areas:
1. Main content area 2. Left side content area 3. Middle content area

For Internet Explorer browser (IE), please enter "Alt + Eden website code" For Google chrome browser, please enter "Alt + Eden website code" For Mozilla Firefox (Firefox), please enter "Alt + Shift + Eden website code" Shortcut key (Accesskey) setup steps as follows:
  • MWithin the main content area, all of the major links are able to be found in this place.
  • LWithin the left side block area, links of each subpage are neatly listed.
  • CWithin the middle block area, quick view of each subpage are able to be seen in this place.

※While unable to browse the content via mouse control, please follow up the indicated steps via keyboard control:
  • ← → or ↑↓ Pressing the ← → or ↑↓on the keyboard to jump between different tabs.
  • Using the Home or End→ to jump to the Top or the Bottom of the webpage.
  • Tab While using "Tab" on keyboard to jump to the desired area, use "Tab" again to enter it for further content browsing. The "Radio" area on webpage can be selected through ← → or↑↓on the keyboard.
  • Tab + ShiftPressing Tab+Shift on the keyboard is able to lead to the previous data/page; while back to the previous page/data, keep using ← → or↑↓on the keyboard to move around within different parts of the page.

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