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Eden Social Welfare Foundation
What types of projects does EDEN do and link to the EDEN International website?

Eden Social Welfare Foundation projects may be grouped into two areas: 1) long-term sustainable community development focusing on helping communities meet the needs its members identify, like clean water, education, health care, agricultural improvements and sanitation; and 2) working with policymakers and the public at the national, regional and global level to build awareness around poverty and to address the unjust systems that help perpetuate it.


Please do! EDEN works with communities, allies and partner organizations, undertaking long-term development, disaster relief, development social work and research, CRPD, SDGs and campaigning for a fairer world. Please follow us twitteryoutube and facebook. Some good pages to link to are:

What does "persons with disabilities-focused" mean?

Persons with Disabilities are the most vulnerable members of any community, so Eden project activities are designed to have maximum benefit for them. This means improving the lives of persons with disabilities by dealing with the causes of their suffering, not just the symptoms. It also means recognising that persons with disabilities live in a larger context of family and community, so sustainable development work needs to impact all of these.


For example, if persons with disabilities are hungry in a community, Eden aims to resolve the underlying food insecurity issues affecting the community, investing in projects like improved irrigation systems, seeds and training. This way persons with disabilities get the food they need, not just this year, but sustainably into the future.


Microfinance and other projects that seek to improve adults' livelihoods are very much a part of this persons with disabilities-focused strategy. An economically-stable community can care for its persons with disabilities long after development projects have come to fruition.

Is evangelism a part of EDEN's projects?

Eden Social Welfare Foundation does not proselytise. The organisation does not demand that people hear any religious message or convert to Christianity before, during or after receiving assistance. Educational activities based on Christian values may occasionally be included in Eden Social Welfare Foundation projects if appropriate and desired by the community. However, Eden respects the religious beliefs and practices in countries where it operates, and seeks mutual understanding with people of all faiths. Whenever appropriate, Eden works in partnership with local churches and other faith-based organisations in an effort to work inclusively and collaboratively within existing community structures. Our focus is to respond to human need, and our compassion and professionalism reflect our faith.

Where can I find financial information on EDEN?

A summary of Eden’s combined expenditure by region can be found in our most recent Annual Report. In addition, each Eden affiliate publishes annual reports on their website which includes details of expenditure. If you require more detailed figures about a particular Eden affiliate's expenditure, please contact them directly through the Contact section of this website.

Where can I find information on how to set up an EDEN or become an affiliate organization?

EDEN’s Board has determined that our growth as a confederation should be strategic and phased. This involves a manageable rate of intake of new members, with priority given to those areas that would strengthen our ability to achieve our strategic aims. When looking to develop an affiliation in a new country, we work with well-established national NGOs which can demonstrate shared values and experience in a range of activities and approaches, in keeping with existing Eden members. For a fuller explanation of the beliefs, strategic aims, approaches and current members of Eden.

Where can I find research information on EDEN for my studies?

We receive thousands of requests each year from school children and students asking for help. Unfortunately, due to our limited resources we cannot advise research students on an individual basis or assist with specific questions. We are also unable to arrange interviews, answer questionnaires or arrange visits to our projects. Eden produces a wealth of information, covering various topics. For an overview of the range of Eden’s activities, see our latest Annual ReportThere is also a great deal of useful information available on the Oxfam affiliates’ websites, particularly in the policy and resources areas. Oxfam affiliates may also be able to respond directly; see our Contact page for their contact details. In addition, through its Eden publishes and distributes a range of publications range of books, journals, reports, training resources, videos, and policy papers.

How can I volunteer for EDEN?

Volunteers play a key role help EDEN achieve its mission to reduce poverty and injustice around the world, from office work to helping in shops or stewarding at events and concerts. The Eden Social Welfare Foundation does not place volunteers overseas, but the EDEN affiliates around the world rely on volunteers in a wide variety of capacities. As Eden Social Welfare Foundation is a small office based in the Taipei City, Taiwan R.O.C. when we need a volunteer, we tend to work through Eden International Development Division, which has an extensive volunteer recruitment system. Please note that, while we appreciate the interest shown by those wishing to do voluntary work with Eden International, we do not have the resources to keep volunteer applications on file.

How can I work as an intern with EDEN?

Eden Social Welfare Foundation often runs short-term, voluntary, unpaid internships comprising a single role, based in either our EDEN, Taipei office, or one of our Advocacy offices. These internships offer the opportunity to work on a specific project or discipline within one team. Although we cannot guarantee employment beyond the internship, our internships are designed to offer work experience, and interns are welcome to apply for our paid vacancies. Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we cannot keep resumes/CVs on file, so please only respond to advertised vacancies.

How can I find out about a partnership with EDEN?

EDEN works in a variety of partnerships in many countries around the world and at a global level. The key relationships we seek are those that most effectively address the root causes of poverty, vulnerability and injustice, and that help strengthen people as empowered agents of their own development. To understand the principles that guide our work in long-term development, humanitarian responses, and campaigns and advocacy. Please bear in mind that partnership does not entail financial support or any type of funding on the part of EDEN. For a fuller explanation of our beliefs, strategic aims, approaches, please contact us.

How can I report sexual, financial and/or HR-related misconduct?

Anyone (including Eden’s partners, supporters, volunteers, suppliers and people we work with) can raise a concern or make a complaint to Eden about something they have experienced or witnessed without fear of retribution.
You can do this through our confidential whistleblowing lines:

  • By email ieden.info@gmail.com
  • Or over the phone:
    English: +886 (2) 8230 1612
    Chinese: +886 (2) 2230 7715

How can I report a bug or send feedback about eden.international website?

We value your feedback and really appreciate your comments about any issues or bugs you have noticed while visiting our website. To report an issue with our site or to simply share your comments, please contact us.

Where can I find detailed information on Eden Social Welfare Foundation partners and projects?

EDEN's goal is to enable people to exercise their rights and manage their own lives. From campaign action, short-term disaster relief and long-term program work, Eden believes in empowering people. Eden strives to work with local partners and takes a rights-based approach to our development work. As Eden (5 affiliates working together with hundred of partner organizations in countries around the world) we have a huge diversity of programs and partners. You'll find a range of information about our work in different countries in the stories, twitter, youtube and facebook we post. For more detailed partner and project information, please visit the websites of the Eden Soical Welfare Foundation.

Is Eden Social Welfare Foundation formally tied to or a subsidiary of any other entity?

Eden Social Welfare Foundation is an independent private Christian organisation and is not formally affiliated with any government, denomination, foundation or corporation, though it maintains positive working relationships with all of these.

What steps can I take to get involved?

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