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Eden Social Welfare Foundation


Early Intervention Services


Family services for children with disabilities


Every new born baby is the dearest thing for the parents

Even if they were born with broken wings and could not fly,

Seeing their sweet smiles

Makes it all worthwhile to take their little hands to go forth on life’s long journey.

Service Origins

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 6-8% of children exhibit some form of delayed development in cognitive learning, language acquisition, physiological development of mobility, and other fields of development. Early intervention provides integrated services of medication, special education, and family support before the children reach the critical period of the age of six, when their brain cells undergo rapid development.

The Eden Social Welfare Foundation has provided various services to adults and youths for many years. In order to provide holistic services to the physically or mentally disabled throughout their lifetime, the Foundation began to provide early intervention services in 1994, serving on average of more than 4,000 children with delayed development every year.


Early Intervention Services


Service Contents

Thanks to the efforts of the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, the Government’s Children Welfare Bureau designated every April as the National Screening for Child Development Month. The Foundation provides child development screening in remote areas where medical resources are scarce, helping parents to understand their children’s conditions, and helping children in need acquire nearby aid.

After screening, if symptoms of delayed development are identified, the Foundation refers the parents to specialists, and arranges daytime care or in-house care for the children. Later on, the Foundation will help the children enter regular kindergartens or elementary schools, so as to help them enter the regular path of growth and alleviate the pressure on their parents.


the service


Helping Angels who Fly Slowly

Jia-Yu is only 4 years old, and she is a gem in her mother’s eyes. She suffered from hypoxic brain injury during her birth and became a child with cerebral palsy.

When she was two, her mother brought her to Eden for special care services, and two years later, she was finally able to walk by herself with a walking aid. Her mother hoped that this would bring her the confidence she will need in life.


smiling angel




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