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Rehabilitation Services

Rehabilitation Services in Sichuan after Earthquake


Led by God, Eden Foundation came to Jiulong (九龍) Village. In order to help the people injured in the earthquake in Jiulong Village to become healthy again after their emergency treatments are completed, Eden Foundation and Jiulong Village health bureau worked together to form the 512 earthquake rehabilitation room, in which Taiwanese occupational therapists and physical therapists were recruited to work as volunteers. They work together in a relay to provide free rehabilitation and treatment services for the victims on the frontlines of the disaster areas.


Rehabilitation Services in Sichuan after Earthquake


Sichuan is situated in the inlands of mainland China, and rehabilitation physicians with backgrounds in western medicine are rare. But after Wenchaun (汶川) earthquake, apart from those with minor injuries, most patients were in dire need of medical care. The patients who have suffered from fracture and amputation needed long-term rehabilitation in particular. Thus, the demand for therapists, particularly from outside of China, increased dramatically. Moreover, a large number of people, who had been sent to other areas for their operations, were unable to continue their rehabilitation after they went back to Sichuan.

Considering the needs of the victims and to arrange resources, Eden set up a service point in Mianzhu City (綿竹市) of Deyang (德陽). From January to September 2009, Eden had been providing the following service.

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