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Eden Social Welfare Foundation


Cross-Strait, Hong Kong, and Macau Affairs



After the 2008 earthquake in China, Eden established a long-term service center in Sichuan to provide recovery treatment and vocational training for the disabled, and to assist community rebuilding and other social work. Additionally, over 10,000 experienced and professional service personnel and volunteer workers have been dispatched from Eden to Mainland China for exchange and training. Official from China have been invited to Taiwan to carry out professional exchanges on the social welfare policies and services provided. The services provided in China extend the existing services in Taiwan, including visual disability services, early intervention, vocational training, long-term care, and education support for children in rural areas.


Eden upholds the mission of holistic care, and continues to fight for the rights of the needy in both Taiwan and China. Eden will always be at their side to help those who are in need.


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