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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

International Participations

International exchange is a starting point for participating international community to work with us. Although compared with others, people with disabilities may have to overcome more obstacles when crossing borders, their cross-cultural exchange experiences can bring more impact on their lives and of those around them.

For organizations that originate from Taiwan, it is crucial to establish international network to develop their own international programs. Therefore, Eden started to get actively involved in international organizations; not only participating in overseas international conferences, but also beginning to play leadership roles in some international organizations, such as in Asia and Pacific Forum on Disabilities (APDF) and Workability International-Asia (WAS, WI).

In Taiwan, Eden organizes international conferences and forums on issues related to disability and disadvantaged groups. Eden is also becoming an organization that foreign scholars, governmental representatives, private sectors and NGOs look forward to visit during their stay in Taiwan.

Through joining international organizations and participating in international conferences, Eden actively enlarges its international networks.Eden is now a member of the following international organizations:
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