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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Assistive Devices Donation

"Love without Borders" Project

Many developing nations are still caught up in war or are recovering from post-war devastations. In these countries, many people have become disabled due to landmines, explosive remnants of war, or unexploded ordnance. They are faced with perpetual financial, medical, employment and spiritual reconstruction challenges.

The right to "mobility" is the first step away from poverty for individuals with disabilities in developing countries. One wheelchair can lead to employment of one disabled person, and in turn improve the economic situation of the whole family. It can also promote education for children, elevation of literacy rates, and decrease of poverty.

Since 1996, Eden has donated wheelchairs to landmine victims and other disabled people all over the world. Currently, Eden has donated over 10,000 wheelchairs to disabled people in Taiwan and overseas. By 2010, Eden had donated 6,783 wheelchairs to disabled people in 25 countries outside of Taiwan.
Most wheelchairs donated overseas were produced by Eden's "Nantou 921 Sheltered Factory". Established on 1 January 2001, this Sheltered Factory provides occupational training, employment services, counseling evaluations, and sheltering for the victims of the 921 Earthquake, especially for those who were unfortunately disabled. The wheelchairs provided by the 921 Sheltered Factory are the only sheltered products in the world that receive CE mark.
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