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Eden Social Welfare Foundation


In Taiwan, the population of disabled people is over 11 thousand persons. According to the ministry health and welfare, “the hundred year of disabled life condition and requiery assessment report”, almost half of the families with disabilities find themselves unable to subsist to their needs. Disabled people main financial resources are governmental subsidies or allowances for most of them. More than 17% of the families with disabilities are unemployed; the only income is governmental subsidies. The same situation occurs in many families with slow flying angels or care requiring elders. A small ticket can be more than just a shopping receipt, for disabled people and their family, it represents unlimited hope. If we accumulate all this hope together, it can allow more people to access to better social welfare services.

You can also send your ticket through internet, compassion can be find all over the globe, and ticket donation has no border. From these places, it can be the end of the world, by day or by night, you can always donate your tickets. A simple action becomes solidarity! Thanks for helping Eden in collecting online shopping receipts. For new items bought, get also an act of generosity. Shopping has find a altruist value on Books.comCWBookEslite bookstore onlineJin Shi Tang bookstore onlineCayenne Entertainment Technology, etc.

To donate your receipts, you can:
【Option 1】 Prepare your own envelope, and send it to “Eden Foundation North area Resource center, 4F, no.6, Wanhe Street, Wenshan District, 11665 Taipei City”.
【Option 2】 Download a ticket-bag sticker, and send it back to Eden as well as the receipts.(Download file)
【Option 3】 In shops, before paying, scan the “Eden Love Barcode” and send directly an electronic ticket to Eden Foundation. It spares manual collecting, but can still bring success.

※ Access information about electronic receipt donation through Eden Love Barcode
※ If you have any questions, please contact us at 02-2230-7715#5322
Ticket-bag stickers should be print on a A4 paper as on the left of the picture; then cut off the slash (the yellow part), following the dotted line. Past it. Now, you have your ticket-bag. (Download file)
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