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SDGs Goal 10 | The 2017 Multi-Cultural Camp for Second-Generation New Immigrant



According to the statics by the Ministry of Education in 2017, although the number of second-generation new immigrants studying in elementary schools has declined gradually, the numbers are reaching 200,000 in 2017 (that is every 1 in 9 students). Therefore, Eden Social Welfare Foundation started co-organizing with Cathy Charity Foundation since 2009, organizing annual - The 2017 Multi-Cultural Camp for Second-Generation New Immigrant, for the second-generation new immigrants to have the opportunity to learn and experience multi-cultures. As the opening and warm-up activity for the three-day event, international volunteers presented the dance – Joy & Freedom as the kick start of the event. We are honored to invite Mr. Jhong, Mao-Ji, Director General of Cathy Charity Foundation, to the students at the opening ceremony, sending his wishes to the students to experience a different summer under this dynamic environment.      




Volunteers from the second-generation new immigrations, interns from Taiwan Tech Trek (TTT) program, along with volunteers from Panamas and Vietnam, will be leading the groups in the three-day event. The main point of the camp is for interns and international volunteers to present their own culture to the students with a series of multi-cultural classes and activities, Kristy Young, a Panamanian student studying at National Tsing Hua University, introduced Panamanian games - La Yuca (similar to children’s game -Eagle catch Chicks), and La Gallinita Ciega (Blind man's bluff), for student to learn from games and activities. For what motivated Kristy to join the camp, she said: "To appreciate and return to what Taiwan has given and helped me, I applied for the camp immediately, I would like to build up camaraderie between the members and bringing more dynamic cultural experience to the students.”


Having grown up in America, Sam Chen shared with us how racism and cultural exclusion occurred through his student life, however, he looked at what he possesses that differs him from the other – language skill and global vision. Therefore, Sam decided to know the place of his origin through services, Sam said, “As long as they recognize their parents’ cultural background, and transform that unique background they’re born with as preeminence, that can be the best device for a better future!”

Ms. Jhu Li-Ying, Director of New Immigration Development Centre, said, “Since Eden started its service for new immigrants in the year 2000, we see the second-generation new immigrants’ growth prosperity. Therefore, to foster these children is very essential, through dynamic sessions such as personal interest development, interpersonal relationship, and team building. The aim is to stimulate the second-generation new immigrants achieving self-realization, knowing specialties and interest, in order to gain confidence and further peruse their dreams.       


Jhu also appreciated the 8 years of sponsorship from Cathy Charity Foundation, actively pushing for the education of second-generation new immigrants and holding The 2017 Multi-Cultural Camp for Second-Generation New Immigrant, hoping through dynamic classes and team exercises, corporation between the second-generation new immigrants can be motivated, bordering their global view and strengthen their commitment to culture, we believe that students will gain many substantial and great memories from the camp.


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