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Lively lectures

Extreme bullying in schools are getting worse. This painful aspect has brought a variety of types of suffering to many young students who are bullied. Students are diagnosed with depression or anxiety. Those who are abused by their peers may also think about suicide more than the average student. Eden Social Welfare Foundation has a group of trusted speakers whose emphasis is on topics of disability. Speaker topics include immobility, infantile paralysis, chronic mental health conditions, as well as depression. Thanks to the support, encouragement and companionship by trusted adults, these speakers can throw the bully off-guard. They not only address the problem, but also take charge of their life.

As all of us know, a bully situation brings about numerous physical dangers and constant fear. No matter how much harmful feeling they may cause, these speakers stand to combat bully. The speakers are attempting to show how to practice confidence rather than being miserable in a certain situation. The speakers are willing to share with those in school how to overcome a bully situation.

Once again, individuals can become aware as to how bullying is a problem that affects students who categorized as different. During the lively lectures, the attendees experience feelings of empathy, compassion and caring toward other people. Nevertheless, the main reason speakers deliver the lectures is to improve social skills and social judgements when dealing with bullying. An individual or a group of people seek confidence and courage through stories. The attendees can look to someone with the same experience, someone like himself or herself, and realize he or she is not alone.

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Life Lessons From People with Disabilities
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