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Eden Social Welfare Foundation


New Immigrants Services


Family Education and Inclusive Activities for the New Immigrants


I am not an outsider; I am a part of the family,

If I truly love this land,

Then please accept me

And give me the power to grow.


Service Origins

According to the Ministry of the Interior, there are over 400,000 new immigrants in Taiwan. Through services provided to our disabled friends and needy groups, we discovered that many domestic partners of the physically and mentally disabled are foreigners, who themselves have many different issues in terms of adapting to a life in Taiwan. Hence, in 2002, the Eden Social Welfare Foundation established a “Care for Foreign Partners Team” to provide these immigrant families with various services.

In May 2005, the Foundation entered Vietnam to provide services for the original families of the new immigrants as well as local people who are physically and mentally disabled. Later on, as the population of Taiwan’s second generation of new immigrants grew, we actively promoted second generation power education, hoping to complete our care to these new immigrant families by providing them with more diverse services.


New Immigrants Services


Service Content

The Foundation has developed a series of activities for the care and development of new immigrants, including marriage and adaptability counseling, translation, legal counseling and other related services. In the field of child education, we also organize parent-child reading classes, relationship development camps, and relevant educational lectures, helping new immigrants to have a better and more interactive relationship with their children.

Additionally, due to the language and cultural barrier between the new immigrants and Taiwanese society, the Foundation also provides new immigrants with Minnan Dialect and Daily Phrase Courses, and also offers Vietnamese language and multicultural learning courses to promote mutual understanding and acceptance between family members, helping new immigrants blend into Taiwanese society.


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Love without Borders, How Eden Kept a Family Intact

Ah-Ru was married to Taiwan from Vietnam, and like many single parents from another country, she found the financial difficulties and social discrimination hard to bear. Her children’s education also suffered from it.

With Eden’s assistance and arrangements, Ah-Ru’s daughter could finally go to school and do her homework just like other kids. Before then, Ah-Rou couldn’t bear to think of what would come day after day, and now she started to believe that tomorrow will always bring hope.


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