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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

International Disaster Releif

Eden established the "Six Steps towards Recovery" Program to help people out of hazardous situations such as the 921 Earthquake, catastrophic typhoons in 2009 and other disasters. The first steps are to take care of the individual's safety, ensuring family reunion and establishing village cohesiveness. After that we can discuss reconstruction plans with the victims, and strive to obtain respect as support from the Government and other relevant units. This is how we assist victims in life and vocational rehabilitation.

Our previous overseas emergency assistance for the disasters occurred around the world have included the 2001 earthquake in El Salvador, 2004 tsunami in South Asia,
2008 earthquake in Wenchuan, and 2010 Yushu Earthquake in Mainland China, 2010 Earthquake in Haiti, earthquake in Qinghai, China, typhoon in Vietnam, flooding in Pakistan, and the 2011 earthquake in Japan. Eden has reacted with disciplines above in each disaster situation, with timely supplies and reconstruction to help victims deal with the aftermath of the natural disaster.
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