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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

| About Eden Foundation in Thailand

Eden Socail Welfare Foundation believes in “love without borders” and we are dedicated to spreading love wherever needed. Since 2006, we have helped with tsunami disaster relief and recovery in Thailand, and we have sent volunteers to the north of Thailand routinely.
Our Thailand office was officially established in 2014 in Bangkok. Dr. Chun-Yi Liu and his team is our legal representative. After investigating local needs, we plan to spread the gospel as we assist the underprivileged. Chiang Rai Province would be our main focus.
Eden responded to the local needs which included addressing the lack of education and malnutrition problems. We worked to increase the literacy rate in order to lift the Thai people out of poverty. We have also worked with local NGOs to form a network of resources. We have also started serving the disabled and started a community development project.
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