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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Eden Screwdriver Renovation Volunteer Team into the Eastern Taiwan to lead and accompany the schoolchildren of aboriginal tribe

To provide children in remote areas with the opportunity to gain access to diverse skills, the instructors of Eden Foundation's Screwdriver Renovation Volunteer Team went to Taitung's Luye Ruixing Tribal Primary School from 25th to 26th of last month, where they led nearly 25 children to learn about carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical engineering and more. The two-day program was very fulfilling, with the children learning by doing and then doing by learning. 


Eden Screwdriver Renovation Volunteer Team went to Taitung Ruixing Tribal Primary School to led tribal children learned diverse skills.


Ruixing Village in Taitung's Luye Township has experienced a serious exodus of youth people, and those who remain in the tribe are either old or young, and most of them are intergenerational, or even second-generation foster families. Because of the limited local learning resources, the children spend their summer and winter vacations either helping to farm at home or wandering around with nothing to do. For this reason, Ruixing Tribal Primary School contacted Eden in hopes of inviting the instructors of Screwdriver Renovation Volunteer Team to guided tribal children learned differently and expand their horizons in life. The principal of the Tribal Primary school, Mr. Kun-min Hsu, said, "It is a long way to go to ensure that the children in the remote areas have equal educational resources as the children in the city.


Mr. Hsu said that this year, they organized the "Winter Camp-Accompanying with Stars" especially for the tribal children. They are very thankful to Eden and professionals from various fields for their willingness to come to the tribal area, so that the children can learn about various industries and professions, and have more imagination and expectations for the future.


Eden Screwdriver Renovation Volunteer Team went to Eastern Taiwan to led the children to learned the skills of carpentry, painting, plumbing andelectrical engineering.


Mr. Marco Shen, Director, Accessible Housing Development Center, Eden Foundation, said that unlike the previous Screwdriver Volunteer Training, this time the target audience was schoolchildren, and in order to arouse their interest, they discussed with the instructors to arrange for painting small houses, making picture frames, and so on, so that the children could learn about the concepts of woodworking and painting in a fun way through learning by doing, and hoping to provide them with more diversified choices for their careers in the future. 


Interested children through the fun program of learning by doing and then doing by learning.


Mr. Shen said he was especially grateful to the two professional instructors, Mr. Chieh-Chih Chi and Mr. Tien-Ming Chi, who, after hearing about the tribe's needs, promptly scheduled their trips to prepare the teaching materials with Eden and taught the children what they knew without reservation, and encouraged them to be brave enough to try new things that would bring them unexpected rewards. 


The instructors gave the children in the remote areas a chance to learn about all kinds of industries and professions through on-site operation.


Eden has been training Screwdriver Volunteer Team to do renovation work for a long time, so that they can have the skills to serve the disadvantaged families. In the future, we look forward to having more opportunities to serve in remote areas and to spread the concepts of accessibility and repairing to realize the friendly and accessible environment. For more information about Eden Decent House Renovation Services, please search "Eden Love Home Together 172+" on the Internet.