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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Let Little Mainfry brings you MINE FREE WORLD!!!

Have you ever heard of mine ban treaty, in other words, Ottawa Treaty, with more than 40 countries joining together. It aims for prohibiting the use of stockpiling, production and transfer of anti-personnel mines and on their destruction.

In the modern time, most people around you may live in the lovely home with families and friends. In the situation, it would be hard to believe that some people are suffering from the land mines breakout right here right now.

Eden Social Welfare Foundation (EDEN) as a long term campaigner to ban landmine commits to meet the core value of the Mine Ban Treaty. Since we are concerned to humanitarian aid and independent living of the mine victims, we advocate for the needs and rights of victims to be recognized and ultimately leading a fulfilling life to a Mine Free World in 2025 through the collaboration with campaigners in Asia and the world.

In order to pacify people’s hearts, Eden also takes it access to the education, creating the animation with the role of Taiwanese bear called Mainfry. Mainfry names after the slogan “Mine Free.” Through the animation, Eden sincerely hopes to achieve a mine free world and heal people through the gorgeous Taiwanese bear, which gives the response to the position of Eden in Taiwan for the mine free world in 2025.


 EDEN expects that there would be a Mine FREE World in 2025. May the Lord bless for the world and the landmine victims.