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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Online Volunteers Training Workshop

Last weekend, Eden teamed up with Dual Blessing Bhd (Dual Blessing Bhd 双福残障自强发展协会) from Malaysia to host an informative two-days “Online Volunteers Training Workshop”. The purpose of this online workshop is to equip those who want to be volunteers to obtain a better understanding of persons with disabilities and the proper knowledge and techniques when assisting persons with disabilities 


Group photo

The learning session started with an introduction of various type of disabilities and their related needs, following by information on assisting techniques, eg. how to move or lift a wheelchair without jeopardizing the safety of the persons with disabilities as well as the helpers; how to assist them getting in and out of a vehicle; the proper gesture when we have the conversation with persons with disabilities and so on. Apart from that, we were also reminded that persons with disabilities just like you and me – with the right to enjoy our lives to the fullest, which is also complying with the United Nation’s Conventions on the Right of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD)

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This online workshop truly exceeded borders. It was held virtually in Malaysia while physically in Taiwan. Over 30 people participated in this workshop both online and on-ground

online webinar

(Instructor from Malaysia was giving lectures)


volunteers demonstrated how to operate a wheelchair

(Volunteers were demonstrating how to operate a wheelchair)