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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Building a Communication Bridge- Smartphone Workshop for Seniors

It’s well known that the innovation of smartphones provides great help to seniors due to its user friendly interface. It not only expandstheir horizon, but also helps them to interact with more people. Hence, the Smartphone workshop is organized by the Eden Community-Based Elderly Long-Term Care Center to teach seniors better use the phone as tools to make life easier and enrich their social lives.


Lin Chen teaches seniors how to use smartphones


Eden Community-Based Elderly Long-Term Care Center has been providing workshops on health related topics for seniors for a long time. Considering the smartphone could be used to promote seniors healthy social living style, this time they invited Lin Chen, the founder of Fun-Aging.com,to teach seniors how to better use smartphone in their daily lives.


Lin Chen shared a story about how she started this course: After retiring, her friend’s father wandered around his home and couldn’t find anything that interested him. Couldn’t stand the nags and excessive attentions from his family, he ran away from home although he came back home safely couple days later. This incident had inspired Lin Chen to provide courses that can help seniors to have a more enjoyable life. She came up with the plan of teaching seniors practical tips about smartphones using.


“Ms. Chen, how can I change my ringtone?”

“Ms. Chen, how to create an album?”

“Ms. Chen, how to download photos?”


Seniors are having a good time


According to the interaction, we can tell that seniors are very engaged with the workshop. Smartphone workshop for seniors have been carrying out in multiple counties and cities. Lin Chen said that the most unforgettable experience she had was at an aboriginal tribe in Wulai. During that workshop, she asked the participants to take out the phones but none of them have their phones with them. It turned out that most of the seniors are not used to carry the phone with them, even though they have it. They normally leave their phones at home as they seldom use it. So Lin Chen taught seniors how to use smartphone to listen to the Golden Oldies songs that they are familiar with and the tips of finding information they want to know so that the smartphone would enrich their life with various activities.


Seniors are paying attention during the class


The course at the Eden Community-Based Elderly Long-Term Care Center went in full swing, but it eventually came to an end. At the end of the workshop, seniors had enjoyed the interesting experience from the smartphone as well as learnt some tips that they can take away and apply at their own time to enrich they life.