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My 25th Birthday Wish: To See a Different World


Ying-Chieh Lin (林盈潔)

Physical therapist




I made a wish at my 25th birthday: I am going to spend one year to see a different world! After my birthday, I visited Australia; however, I was called back to Taiwan because of the wedding ceremony of my elder brother. Thanks to this, I had the chance to see Eden’s recruitment advertisement of rehabilitation volunteers to earthquake affected regions in Sichuan. My first motivation was: as a Taiwanese physical therapist, I never had a chance to experience such cross-border service. Visiting Australia was for vacation, but joining this program would give me a chance to apply my professional skills while travelling. I therefore decided to join this program.


After a meeting with Eden’s staffs in Taipei, I still felt uncertainty and had so many questions. However, I had a conviction no matter what happens, my patients will always be my first priority.


My 25th Birthday Wish: To See a Different World  Ying-Chieh Lin


While we stayed at Deyang City for the logistics planning, we did not see victims of the earthquake. The downtown of Deyang City is modernized, with lot of high buildings and busy traffic. I once thought that we would see many people filled with sorrow, but what displayed in front of us was so different. I started to question why I came. However, on the 30th anniversary ceremony of reform and opening-up for Mainland China, which was held in the square of Cultural Temple in Deyang City, there was photo displayed commemorated for the 512 Earthquake. We could see those seemingly unhurt people standing still there for a long time, some were wiping the tears. I then realized that the sorrow not exposed does not mean there is no sorrow; the sorrow deep in mind is something that is most difficult to be erased. I reminded myself that in the future, I would not only discern the physical problems of survivors but also look into their minds, which might be something that is most difficult to be interfered.


After other volunteers went back to Taiwan, I was the only one left behind. My first service point was Tumen Town, starting with the setup of rehabilitation station as our goal. In addition to provide medical care to the local victim and the residents in the temporary wooden residents, we cooperated with local medical personnel and incubate participants. Meanwhile, we also exchanged our professional knowledge of physical therapy. In this aspect, we have encountered lot of difficulties. How to cooperate with medical personnel without any physical therapy background in Tumen Town was such a great challenge! Conflicts then occurred as a result. However, what I did was not forget the principle I set for myself in the very beginning: survivors are my priority. Although the service point in Tumen Town was discontinued due to many unexpected causes, the experience is very valuable. Indeed, it has proved that such service type was feasible. After I went back to Taiwan, I heard that Eden’s rehabilitation station established in Jiulong Town. Now there is fixed amount of victims receiving therapy smoothly every day!

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