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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Old photos memorizing his late wife, Eden’s “dream-catching bus” brings 93-year-old man who is in the last stage of cancer back to Sun Moon Lake with his family.

The beautiful Sun Moon Lake is not only one of the ten most popular tourist spots in Taiwan, but also an unforgettable memory for many families. The green mountains, blue water, and mesmerizing Sun Moon Lake are like life, changing into different postures in the four seasons, morning and evening, and still attracting Grandpa Huang, who is nearly 93 years old. In 2022, Grandpa Huang was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer, and now he can't walk and needs to wear an oxygen concentrator 24 hours a day. On the last mile of his life, his greatest wish was to visit Sun Moon Lake again with his family. On 15 and 16 of Jan., Grandpa Huang and his caregiver accompanied by medical doctors and registered nurse from Taipei Veterans General Hospital Hsinchu Branch, took the Eden Foundation's "dream-catching bus" to revisit the site.

Eden’s dream-catching bus took Grandpa back to place he would like to visit, returning to Sun Moon Lake where he and his family had traveled many years ago, and reminiscing about those days on the ferry.


Grandpa Huang was a responsible and charitable person, and had been the Neighborhood representative of Xian village in Guanxi township for 12 years, and was well loved by the people of Xian village. Thinking back on his service to the people, Grandpa Huang felt honored and privileged, and often looked back at the photos of that time to share his memories with his family. One of the things he misses the most is that many years ago, when he organized a outing activity, he took his family and his fellow villagers to visit Sun Moon Lake. Looking at the happy faces in the photos, especially his wife, who had recently passed away due to lung cancer, who was not suffering from the disease at that time, and her happy face, made him want to go to Sun Moon Lake again, to revisit the good times of that time.


Grandpa Huang and his wife had a deep love for each other and took care of her for 14 years when she was sick. After his wife passed away last year, he was often sad and depressed because he missed his wife so much. To alleviate the pain of his longing and to give him more happy memories with his family during the time of his illness and suffering, his son discussed the matter with the hospice team, and then matched him with the Eden Foundation's Dreams-Catching Bus Service. On the day of the trip, a medical doctor and registered nurse accompanied the family on the bus, giving them peace of mind.

Grandpa Huang has been making tea with his family since he was a child, and when he saw the familiar tea-making utensils, Grandpa Huang explained the tea-making process to the group.


In addition to visiting Sun Moon Lake and the surrounding tourist spots, the family also prepared a cake and a banquet full of celebrations for Grandpa Huang's birthday at the age of 93. Friends and family members wished Grandpa Huang a happy birthday and his grandchildren paid tribute to him one by one in accordance with their seniority, offering their blessings and hugs, making the process heartwarming and lively. Although Grandpa Huang was unable to speak, he could see the happiness in his tearful eyes.

Grandpa Huang's 93rd birthday is coming up in February. During the Eden Dream-Catching Bus Service, the family prepared a birthday party to surprise Grandpa Huang.


The Eden Foundation said that the trip was long and had many attractions. To alleviate the physical load of the trip on Grandpa Huang's body and to allow him to enjoy the trip with his family, Eden Foundation prepared a special care wheelchair with pressure-reducing materials that can distribute the pressure on the hips and prevent slipping forward, making it a comfortable place to sit and recline. The wheelchair can also be used to get on and off the bus directly, so there is no need to move it around, which is convenient for the caregiver to use and prevents caregiving injuries.

The family arranged for Grandpa Huang, a Japanese-educated man, to come to the Japanese-style Wuqi Cultural Branch Office to reminisce about his past and to write down his wish to live a good life on the prayer board.


Free movement is the fundamental right of a human being. Eden Barrier-Free Innovation Service Center has been promoting the Dream-Catching Project, which aims to accompany people who cannot use public transportation, rehab buses and other barrier-free transportation, such as hospice patients, persons with severely disabilities also low and middle-income households, to go to the places they want to go the most. So that they can have more beauty and fewer regrets in the journey of their lives. We welcome inquiries from the public. For inquiries, please call +886-2-2230-6670 ext. 3606.

Eden Dream-catching bus and the hospice team accompanied 93-year-old Grandpa Huang and his family to Sun Moon Lake to relive the good times of 15 years ago.