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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Older persons with dementia walk on the catwalk in Eden’s love annual banquet,

"Next on stage were the handsome pilot ..." and "There were also astronaut working in outer space who came to the show ...". Under the host's introduction, 17 grandmas and grandpas dressed in professional costumes, suddenly took on the souls of the professionals, and performed presentably and professionally! The "Dream Job Show" received thunderous applause from all the guests.


 In the first "Eden’s Love Annual Banquet", the Eden Foundation arranged the "Dream Job Show", which was performed by 17 older persons with an average age of over 80 years old.


As the Lunar New Year is approaching, many people start to prepare Chinese New Year dishes, invite their family members and friends to gather together for the annual banquet, or arrange a family trip to celebrate the New Year. However, for many homes alone and disadvantaged older persons, a reunion dinner is a luxury they dare not hope for. In order for them to feel the warmth of family companionship and no longer be alone for the new year eve dinner, Eden Foundation held its first "Eden’s Love Annual banquet" today on 28th, Dec. inviting about 100 older persons, their family members, and volunteers to set up the reunion feast and share the dinner party together; and arranging for an "Dream Job Show" to be performed by the service users of the " Beitou Yi-Fu Day Care Center" although their average age has exceeded 80 years old and 80% are mentally retarded, they are not the only ones who can perform. Although the average age of the performers was over 80 years old, and 80% of them were persons with dementia, they were still full of vigor and willing to participate in the show, hoping to fulfill their dream of working in the job they wanted to do the most.


Becoming an astronaut is the job that 85-year-old Uncle Ah Ho aspires to.


 Grandma Chih Chi (left) who is 91 years old and wearing a queen's gown, and Grandma Su Yueh, wearing a Korean dress, walked into the show with joy.


One of the models, Uncle Shi Chi, dressed in a mandarin long robe, was so elegant that he held his favorite erhu and walked into the show accompanied by the Charity Ambassador, Ms. Angel Chu, he said he was so happy. He is 70 years old this year, music is the biggest interest in his life, and he has been learning since he was young, whether it is harmonica, guitar, erhu or singing, he is proud of it. However, at the age of 40, when he was in his prime, he was found to be suffering from a pituitary tumor in his brain. Over the next ten years, he underwent six brain tumor surgeries and suffered two strokes, which forced him to take a break from his hobbies. Even so, he was never discouraged by life, and with the encouragement of his family, he actively pursued treatment and rehabilitation, and continued to learn his favorite music if his health permitted.


  Three years ago, he came to the Yi-Fu Day Care Center in Beitou, and with the support of his peers and the various courses, he made many friends and not only regained his vitality, but also became more cheerful. To this day, he continues to take erhu classes at the community college and often sings with his friends at the center!


 Uncle Shi Chi, dressed in a mandarin long robe and holding his favorite erhu, was accompanied by Charity Ambassador Ms. Angel Chu, he walked into the show.


According to statistics, the number of older persons over the age of 65 in Taiwan has exceeded 4 million, with the trend of aging and decreasing of birth rate, the pressure of older persons care is getting heavier and heavier. Eden has long been concerned about the disadvantage older persons, and from our service experience, we have found that apart from professional care, warm companionship is even more indispensable. Among them, older persons who suffering from dementia are more in need of care and attention. This time, the "Eden’s Love Annual Banquet" through “Dream Job show”, including the job selection, rehearsal, and on-site make-up and walk on the catwalk, allowed older persons and their families to have a sense of participation, which not only left them with unforgettable memories, but also helped them to regain their self-confidence, and to slow down the aging process and deterioration of older persons, and also alleviated the heavy burden of caring for the older persons.


 Eden's "Love Annual Banquet" event invites about 100 older persons, their family members and volunteers to join us in hosting a dinner party.


Eden has been organizing the "Love Annual Banquet" event for 11 consecutive years since 2014. Our Vice CEO, Mr. Tine-Yuang Ho said that this time, before the Lunar New Year's Eve, 24 feasts will be held, and it is expected to help 2,759 service users to have a reunion meal with their families; in addition, the "Home-based annual banquet" will deliver New Year's Eve dishes to the homes of 257 mobility reduced older persons or persons with disabilities; a total of 1,618 winter warming gifts will be given out in both events. In total, 1,618 winter gifts will be delivered. It is hoped that the public will support "Love Annual Banquet", so that the older persons and the disadvantaged can have a good New Year together with warm and loving company, not only warm food, but also warm hearts, let’s have good year together. For more information, please visit Eden's official website or call the direct line 0800-025-885.