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Eden five feelings food truck and the gray-haired hosts warmed up with winter comfort food and hospitality, Chef James gave the

According to health and welfare statistics, more than 80% of Taiwan's senior citizen population are healthy or sub-healthy, and as many as 80% of them most often engage in leisure activities as watching TV. To call on the public to pay attention to the physical and mental needs of the "new older persons", Eden Foundation has initiated the "Five Feelings Food Truck", which will bring willingness, happiness, love, patience, and carefulness, and will travel to various places in Taiwan, where older persons will serve as one-day hosts to show the good taste of life through their warm hospitality. Today on 16th, Dec. is the first time the food truck opened its stall in Pinglin Old Street. We invited famous Chef James tried the food and gave it the "five feelings" certification.


Eden organized the Five Feelings food truck event today on 16th, Dec. Chef James and the gray-haired hosts warmed up with winter comfort food and hospitality.


The weekend encountered a cold front, but if the heart will warm, body will also be warm. Five service users from the Eden Pinglin Shuiliujiao Daycare Center for Older Persons and Chef James were busy early in the morning, working together to complete 200 servings of black tea and tri-color red bean soup made with local Pinglin black tea leaves and roasted sweet potatoes. Upon arrival at Pinglin Old Street, the three older persons as hosts took their duty positions, one was responsible for order and cashier, two for the packing, and Chef James took care of both sides, acting as the hosts' super teammate. The delicious smells and the cute food trucks attracted a lot of support from the public.


Eden initiated the Five Feelings Food Truck event, allowing older persons to be the hosts of the food truck for a day, and to enjoy the delight and satisfaction of self-actualization through their participation and contribution to the event.


Among them, the cashier, Grandma Hsueh-Chu, who is 74 years old and suffers from chronic illnesses, and her knee has been operated on due to degeneration, came to the center 6 years ago after a friend introduced her to the center. The rich and interesting course has made the day of Grandma Hsueh-Chu who was busy in tea plucking and did not have much experience in life, then she comes to the center on time every day. As her granddaughter is a cup stacking coach, Grandma Hsueh-Chu was willing to try and with her granddaughter's training, she was able to break Taiwan's single record in the 2022 Asian Cup by competing in a team with the older persons at the center. It was Grandma Hsueh-Chu's first time to be the host of food truck, and she felt very "novelty", no matter preparing the food or cashier, she was very happy, and she always had a big smile on her face.


Chef James attended the Five Feelings Food Truck event on the 16th, Dec. accompanying our service users to prepare and sell the food, and Ms. April Huang, Director of Resources Development Division, presented a certificate of appreciation to express our gratitude.


Eden Foundation indicated that we have long been promoting health promotion courses and activities at our sites in the hope of strengthening the function of primary preventive care in the community and reducing the risk of frailty of older persons. Through participation and dedication, they can see their own value and gain physical, psychological and social well-being at different levels, which not only effectively prevents aging, but also reduces the burden and stress of caregivers. In addition, Taiwan will become a super-aging society in 2025, and the relationship between this one-fifth of the population and society must be re-examined. Therefore, the "Five Feelings Food Truck" is specially planned to link up Eden's direct service centers for older persons throughout Taiwan, hoping to convey the "Positive" Feelings on the way of care services, and to share the good taste of life of each older person, calling on the public to value the abilities of the new “old generation”, and to change the stereotype that they are dependent on, and can only be taken care of.


Eden Five Feelings Food Truck brought willingness, happiness, love, patience, and carefulness to Pingline Old Street, Thanks to the enthusiastic support of the public and the event ended successfully.


Life is full of various flavors due to love and care, and we all know the "willingness" of each other on the way of caring. Eden’s Care Service Programs for Older Persons provides a wide range of services such as daycare, home-based care, dementia care services, meal delivery, and bathing service, connecting each older person's needs and supporting each caregiver's physical and mental well-being in the community neighborhood. We invite the public to become a part of the long-term care family, so that love will never stop and care will never be interrupted. For more information, please call 0800-025-885 or search " Eden’s Care Service for Older Persons " on the Internet.