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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

With love and good rich taste, "Eden Annual Banquet" serves the 94-year-old grandma have the really lively meal.

The kitchen of Eden Foundation's Toucheng Wuying Long-Term Care Service Station was smoking early in the morning, and the aroma of delicious food was wafting out, making people's appetites tingle. On 6th, Jan. the cooks were busy early in the morning to prepare the dishes of annual banquet, in order to let the seniors with limited mobility can also have hot and tasty delights at the end of the year. There are 4-course dishes with fish, meat, vegetable and soup, after counting the delicacies, the Care Attendant Ms. Ming-shan Lee quickly packed the food and sent it to the home of 94-year-old Grandma Amei, the oldest service user at the station. In addition to accompanying grandma Amei to have the year-end meal, we also assisted in cleaning the residential environment of the home.


Photo: The cooks at the Eden Toucheng Long-Term Care Service Station were busy in the morning preparing the dishes of annual banquet which will delivered to Grandma Amei later ensure her and family members could enjoy the year-end delicious dishes.


Grandma Amei has nine children, in order to bear the expenses of the household, Grandma Amei worked in a stone powder factory for 15 years, and then worked part-time jobs to share the expenses of the household. she is used to living a busy life, even though her children have grown up, the economic situation of the family is much better, but she still has been working until the age of 73 to officially retire. Later, grandma Amei suffered from cataracts, which did not improve after surgery, resulting in impaired vision in both eyes. Although she could not see, she never relied on others to take care of her as long as she could put on the clothes and eat on her own, and not only took good care of herself, but also walked to the vegetable garden every day to grow vegetables and maintain her health through simple activities. Five years ago, when Grandma Amei fell down accidentally, her worried family was introduced by friend that brought Grandma Amei to Eden Toucheng Long-Term Care Service Station for proper care through companionship.


Photo: At first, Grandma Amei was reluctant to come to Eden Toucheng Long-Term Care Service Station, but with the warm care and companionship of the service staff, she was opened her mind and find the colorful light of spring indoor.


The Care Attendant, Ms. Ming-Shan Lee, said that the grandma Amei was reluctant to come at first, and did not interact or talk to others when she came, then always a passive participant in activities. With the warm greetings and companionship of the service staff, grandma Amei slowly developed a sense of trust and security; in the past, grandma Amei was embarrassed to participate in activities because she could not see and was afraid to trouble others. With the patient guidance of the service staff, grandma Amei was able to open up her heart and not only actively participate in various activities, but also enjoy the fun of it. The kind and sociable Grandma Amei not afraid of she is invisible and do everything herself, she is full of wisdom in dealing with people, so she is a very respected senior. This year, with the consent of her family, the Care Attendant brought the delicious dishes to Grandma Amei's home for the first time, and had a really great time having year-end meal with her.

Eden said that excessive protection will make the seniors lose their autonomy. In order to help seniors, regain their muscle strength, regain control of their lives, and even regain their self-care ability, the Long-Term Care Service Station only offer the care service that they are not capable to manage by themselves and allows seniors to take self-care on their own according to their ability, and so that rehabilitation is integrated into every small action of routine life, but also enhances the fun of seniors' lives through the arrangement of diversified and interesting courses. In the Long-Term Care Service Station, not only the grandma Amei, but also all the seniors have a much better physical function than their peers. Therefore, the number of seniors at the Long-Term Care Service Station has increased from 13 to 25, and many families are still looking forward to having their seniors come to the Long-Term Care Service Station to receive services.


Photo: In addition to accompanying the grandma to have the year-end meal, Eden's Care Attendant, Ming-Shan Lee, also helped to clean the residential environment and put up Chinese New Year scrolls to wish the Year of the Rabbit full of good fortune.


In addition to the planning and arrangement of routine life of the seniors, Eden organized the "Annual Banquet Event" before the Chinese Lunar New Year Eve, so that the seniors could have fun and eat delicious food together with the service staff. Eden Foundation has been organizing "Annual Banquet Event" as the 10th year in a row, Eden will hold 24 Annual Banquet Events before the Chinese Lunar New Year Eve, helping nearly 3,000 service users to reunite with their families and delivering New Year's dishes to 283 seniors with limited mobility or persons with disabilities. Donations can be made on the Eden official website or by calling the toll-free number 0800-025-885.


Photo: Eden Toucheng Long-Term Care Service Station held a delivery to home annual banquet where the Care Attendants and Volunteers accompanied Grandma Amei have a really lively meal on 6th, Jan.