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What inclusion would be like?

When I look back to my late 20s, as a young woman graduated from college and looking forward to work, I worried most is  ‘the fear’ that I experienced, which would hold me back.



The young woman with a physical disability, among others, may worry if the workplace and restroom will be accessible to her. The taxi fare would cost high price because the public transportation is inconvenient to her. The young deaf man may worry that a potential employer may refuse to hire him with discrimination even though he is eligible. A young visually impaired woman may worry about that her employer may refuse to avail her of assistive technologies to support her to work on an equal basis as others.



What may have changed for all of these young persons with disabilities to fully enjoy their right to work and employment? What might we want to change still? What does inclusion would be presented in the workplace?  



For me, inclusion is like community. Those who have supported me, not only to actualize my potential, but to work together with other colleagues to realize our work vision. It has meant employers and team leaders should care, be kind, and empathetic to others. What they ask, ‘how can we support you to achieve that which we all envision?’



Let us join a growing community of activists with disabilities who are demonstrating the positive impact of inclusion in the workplace. Let us inspire each other to be more inclusive.



Photo:Multi-ethnic and different people community inclusion concept




What inclusion looks like



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