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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

2022 the must-attend event “International Workshop on Rehabilitation and Arts”

To raise the awareness of the rehabilitation of the persons with disabilities, and in the field of mainstream art, and create a unique space for persons with disabilities, Eden Social Welfare Foundation specially holds “International Workshop on Rehabilitation and Arts”. The event invites not only domestic and foreign rehabilitation scholars but direct service units at home and abroad, to share and discuss the diversity and the practical experience of the combination of rehabilitation and arts. This will inspire more public to participate in the creation of inclusive art. Coinciding with the 100th anniversary of Rehabilitation International (RI) Global in 2022, we are honored to invite Ms. Susan Parker, the RI Chair, Centennial Committee, who has more than 30 yearsof executive experience in the field of worldwide disabilities. We invite her as our speaker to share their professional experiences with us. Eden also invites governmental authorities in Taiwan to have speeches during our opening ceremony.


The event will try to lead the public to re-establish values systems and take action to  do something different for persons with disabilities. This event also echoes the international common goals of CRPD and SDGs, not only leading Taiwan to the international but also letting the world know more about our local action. We are welcoming everyone to join our workshop to fulfill the goals and make our world a better place.



-8th July, 2022 Friday 09:00am~12:30pm

-Online Virtual. After successful registration, the relevant information will be provided.

-Complimentary entry / English-Mandarin interpretation services provided.

-Online registration: Scan our QR code down below.

- Registration Date: From now until 8th July , 2022, up to 80 seats only.