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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

2022 Eden Task Force Call for Volunteers

Looking for some new adventures in Taiwan?
We're looking for International Volunteer to join Eden Task Force this summer!

Our mission is to run a SDGs Summer Camp for kids at Maybagah Tribe, Miaoli.
This camp is designed to cultivate global vision for under-18 aged youth. Over a period of 4 days and 3 nights, a team of International volunteers will lead cultural exchange activities and SDGs courses in order to empower participants. Participants are encouraged to work together to develop problem-solving skills.  

Through this camp, you may...

  • Learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Make new friends with other international volunteers
  • Get to know the culture of Taiwanese local aborigines in Miaoli
  • Share your experiences and relationship building with the children
  • Develop your skills in leadership, teamwork, project planning, communication, and problem solving
  • Obtain a meaningful summer!


Sign up to volunteer today!

※Application: https://forms.gle/dwWEtt7AdTSgUR3j7

Prospective volunteer must apply by 17 June, 2022 

Eden team will review your application and contact you by Email.


※Contact: Ms. Agnes

※ Email: eden11563@eden.org.tw