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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Goods-Donation Program in Vietnam 2020 (ENGLISH subtitle)

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Goal 1 is to eliminate poverty and to ensure that everyone, especially the poor and the vulnerable, has equal rights to access to basic needs. In order to achieve this goal and based on the spirit of “Love without Border”, Eden started the Donation Program in Vietnam to help senior citizens and those suffering from poverty in the rural areas to obtain their basic necessities.



Each year, we collect brand-new items and goods from companies and the general public, re-package into different bags, and put them into containers shipping to Vietnam’s. These items include jackets, backpacks, or raincoats, etc which provide basic protection to keep them warm and help them to engage with their daily activities.


Eden initiated this program because it not only helps people in need with direct support but also plants the seeds of compassion and appreciation. So that in the future, whenever possible, they can give back to society and let the love flow.


Here’s a short clip of how our LOVE travel from Taiwan to Vietnam!


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