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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

The Smell of Coffee Coagulated Children's Hope and Happiness in Remote Areas

For over 38 years, Eden has been implementing the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From offering Quality Education in Thailand (SDGs Goal 4), to delivering food to the seniors in Vietnam to reduce hunger (SDGs Goal 2), Eden has launched several programs dedicated to creating Sustainable Cities and Communities (SDGs Goal 11). One of the programs is Eden's Elephant Circle Project. It aims to maximize rural communities' ability to be self-sufficient and to protect children's education in rural areas.

Coffee farm in the rural area

Eden's Elephant Circle Project funded the Tabilas Kyokay church. The churchis located at theTai'an Township, Miaoli County. Its service mission is to promote cultural experience centered after school activities for kids. Eden collaborated with Priest Russa Taru from theTabilas Kyokay church and launched the Coffee Garden Program to help the families and children!


"It took seven days to make this ice drip coffee!" said Priest Rusa as he held out a welcome gift - a pot of handcrafted artisan roast coffee. The aroma of the coffee suddenly heals visitors' exhaustion from a long journey.


This cup of 300cc amber-ish liquid has an impressive story. The Atayal people first planted these dark, deep-rooted coffee beans. After harvest, they would wash, sun-dry, roast, and ice-drip these coffee beans for 9 hours, then refrigerate them for another five days. Finally, these coffee beans would gradually ferment into an ice drip coffee with the aroma of wine.


Eden Social Welfare Foundation has been collaborating with hundreds of local communities for ten years. Eden believes that they have the ability and preservehardships and to complementing Eden’s mission. With the spirit of "Find the right person to do the right thing," Eden continues to actuate the 2020 Eden Elephant Circle Project. Eden hopes to accompany these hard-working communities to keep contributing and make tremendous efforts in caring for the children in need in rural areas in Taiwan.


For about 8 to 9 years ago, Eden's consultant Dr. Yung-Hsing Kao came to the tribe and guided Priest Rusa and the local residents to plant coffee beans and other agriculture crops, such as Sacha inchi, kiwi, and acorn.

Eden creates more job opportunities for farmers in rural areas.

The Coffee Garden Project has created many employment opportunities for the Tai'an Township. It was a critical pivotal point for the rural area. Once there were job opportunities available for the residents, the adults were able to leverage and subsist in the tribe. An old proverb says: "Once the roots of an old tree are nurtured, only then can the children be guided to grow prosperously like branches and leaves."


In addition to create job opportunities for the adults, Eden and Priest Rusa has also established a Youth Center to give the children in the tribe a place for self identity and belonging. The Center is not for after school homework tutoring, but for life experience. In the Youth Center, there are no textbooks for Chinese, English, or Math; instead, they use nature as teaching material, bringing children into the native-cultural museum.


Holding this hand-made ice drip coffee, every sip of the coffee is exceptional. Eden believes that children are like coffee beans. We need to foster, educate, and cultivate them passionately and elaborately, so they can harvest hope and happiness.