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We wish you a Merry Christmas ! (The last Mudan service in 2019)

group picture
Group picture of the last service to Mudan 2019
Volunteers from NTNU (National Taiwan Normal University) again went to service at Mudan elementary school. Volunteers not only lead Christmas songs but also act the mandarin drama called humble fir tree become Christmas tree!

“I wish I could bring peace and joy to the kids from acting this story” said by Lindiana from Indonesia. After the drama, the kids are excited and shared they love Christmas because of gifts, now they know more about Christmas ! ! ! Teachers and volunteers all cannot stop laughing for their innocent react.

child and volunteer the glasses and kid
wait in line
circle between children

Christmas card from kid in Mudan primary school

In the end of service, kids gave handmade Christmas cards which wrote by their own handwriting to volunteers. Some volunteers are so touching and feel like to cry…

This time is our last service in this year, some volunteers will go back home in near future, “Thank you for letting us come! Today was fun! Wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy new year ! ” said by volunteer Laura while everyone was waving to the kids.   

we wish you a merry xmas