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Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Family of nearly all bedridden members finally got their aged house repaired by voluntarily workers…

A group of people who do not know one another let go of their family, their fiancées and the opportunity of making money.  They have come to Budai Township, Chiayi County, which is a town by the sea.  There is a belief in town; using love to support families in need and help them with home repairs.  The repairments will give the families a relieved and friendly space.

all volunteers

  The volunteers are closely carrying out the renovation of the old houses in Chiayi County.  They replaced many shabby materials and pipes that have been used for more than 40 years.  In the meantime,  Eden's barrier-free housing development center volunteers were also partaking in the task and striving for more working space in a limited time.  The renovation of the town is divided into two places: one is the original old house, and the other is on the campus of Jingshan elementary school at Zheng Liao.  In addition to professional plumber volunteers, there are professional cooking volunteers who meticulously cooked every meal for all volunteers.

Professionals are cooking each meal of the day

  Mr. and Mrs.  Zhuang are the owners of the old house, both of whom are polio patients.  A few years ago, Mr.  Zhuang accidentally injured his head causing a brain injury.  He was therefore forced to lie in bed ever since.  The inability to urinate on its own made him rely on using catheter.  It, however, resulted in a urethra infection.  And due to the drug resistance, antibiotics is no longer effective.  Mr.  Zhuang’s son suffers from muscular dystrophy and his body is extremely emaciated.  His son can only rely on an electric wheelchair to mobilize.  Their daughter, whom is a junior student in college, could not leave her disabled mom to take care of her father and brother alone.  She chose to study at the nearby community college, Yunlin University of Science and Technology.  This enables her to deal with the emergencies happening at home.

  Despite the difficulties and her worrisome financial condition, Mrs.  Zhuang is still helping the people in need in the community generously.  On the wall hangs many certificates of appreciate for Mrs.  Zhuang’s volunteer services in the hospital and help on delivering meals for the elders. The Zhuang family lives in an old house with poor housing conditions.  The ceiling starts to leak water each time a typhoon or heavy rain strikes.  The water will further damage everything in the house.  Moreover, it raises the concern of slipping and falling in the bathroom, not to mention the lack of accessible environment.  Though they had filed request of repairment to the related authorities and factories, they were rejected by the authorities with the excuse of their house being in a remote area.


  The repairing volunteer activity was initiated by the local social workers.  When the news was received, besides assessing at the scene, the social workers commenced to raise funds from people of all walks of life.  From fundraising, recruitment to pre-departure training, everything was done in limited time and funds.  It is so important to complete this impossible mission that one of the volunteers even said, “we can make money any time.  Yet, when we do not help people in need timely, regrets happen.”

  After the repair, the Zhuang family’s roof was replaced with a new one, and the bathroom have a perfect barrier-free design.  The collective efforts can hopefully bring a happy life to the Zhuang family.  The renovation of the house has finally come to an end despite the limited time volunteers were given.  Albeit the members of the repairment team might come from different backgrounds, they all have an identical dream of bolstering and helping the people in need with love.  They want to give the underprivileged a friendly community and spread the warmth and love of every individual to the world.