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Eden Social Welfare Foundation
Eden Taichung Sheltered Workplace Facility Upgrade, staff with disabilities celebrating the Mid-Autumn

The Eden Taichung Sheltered Workplace has merged it's workforce and space with Tanzi Sheltered workplace. The lobby floor has been planned and designed to become a combination of restaurant and bakery assembly line, with 2nd & 3rd floor renovated to allocate the ovens and facilities. The new space renovation will greatly facilitate the workflow of the staff. This years' celebration of Mid-Autumn, in order to fulfill the incoming moon cake orders, the total of 42 shelter staff has been working in full force to satisfy the needs. Meanwhile, Eden Social Welfare Foundation president, Mr.Cheng Liang also had a visitation to have a fellowship with the selter staff. Eden's bakery from shelter workplace has been receiving positive feedback and highly recognized by Taiwan society. This can be considered Taiwan's force for good in supporting this group of people.