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Eden Social Welfare Foundation
In-home Therapy by Occupational Therapists for Slow-Flying Angles

Translator | Kelly Liu           Proofreader | Andy Lee


Some parents living in the rural areas have to take a day off from work to take their Slow-Flying Angles to the therapy centers. On the day, the parents not only cannot make money but also have to commuting expenses; therefore, it decreases the therapy times of those Angles.

In order to solve this problem, the Children Welfare Service Center, BSA, KCG is entrusted to establish an office at Jia -Sian county to provide one in-home therapy per week for each Angle. In-home therapy taught by a trained intervention specialist or tutor provides equal welfare service to those families who cannot have time to the therapy centers.

Siao-Quo, a 3-year old Slow-Flying Angle, lives in the mountain area of NaMaXia with his grand father and his mother. After the first visit with Siao-Quo, Jia –Sian early intervention officers found that Siao-Quo had lagging in cognition, hand-eye coordination and expressio. However, Siao-Quo’s mother was too busy on work to have enough time giving him more helpful assistance in education.

The occupational therapist, Yuh-Fang Lee, said that she encouraged the mother of Siao-Quo to read picture books, and play simple table games with Siao-Quo. Those were to educate him through daily activity, lead him to reach the educational goals of individual early intervention and help him to carry out simple goal trainings. A year more, Siao-Quo had a big improvement.

Parents help children

Yuh-Fang Lee said that Siao-Quo’s mother had encountered predicaments during the intervention processes. However, she raised the questions and problems that she had to the therapist. After having discussion, they came up with a feasible way to have sufficient and decent interaction with her son, and they had huge success by doing this. When parents have accumulated more practical experience having interaction with their children, they would be more than willing to change the way and altitude to treat their children.

It has been 20 years since Chishan early intervention center started help Slow-Flying Angles since 2009. It helps around 400 families of Slow-Flying Angles every year. Until now, there are still 5% of those families who need in-home therapy service. Isolated location and inconvenient transportation make it even harder for kids with grandparents and some families in disadvantages

We invite you to join the disadvantaged children service program to help more Slow-Flying Angles from rural areas. Help them to get early intervention at early stage. Do not let them miss out the golden healing period. If you are interested in early intervention of Dai Chishan area, please call

(+886-7-)661-8106 or press the link below:

Occupational therapist is using picture books therapy