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Translator | Niny Yang  Article | Chiu,Ching-Yi


"Early detection, early treatment." Is what make early intervention important. Therefore, the golden healing period for children between 0-6 years old has become an important schedule for a therapist. Due to many reasons for the developmental delays, the combined treatment from experts can make slow flying angels fly soar and to the future.


Children between age 0 to 6 years old slow development or physical and mental disabilities, will need to receive professional treatment in all aspects. In nowadays society, many children with slow development caused by insufficient environmental stimulation or diseases. When more families with double income, the less time parents accompany with their children. It’s easier to ignore children’s abnormal behavior or think that they are a late bloomer, causing children developt slower than same age peers.



The early intervention courses of Slow Flying Angels is a long road, and the parents who accompany them are even more mighty. Parents must be accompanied during lots of treatment in order to learn and practice back home; for example: Speech Therapy. The most time children spend with the most is still their family. When parents continue to apply the skills they have learned in the classroom at home, children’s progress will improve faster and the future will be more promising.


Kuo, Shu-Yi, a speech therapist from Tainan Sin-lâu Hospital, said that a three and a half-year-old child came to her speech therapy class. After eight years of services, the child has been able to use a tablet to communication from no oral speaking. “that child is unable to talk, but can use a tablet to be the bridge to communicate with outside word.” She couldn’t help but mention, “as long as I can do something for you, or if you have any room for developing improvement, the treatment will continue.”



Besides the professional treatment class, how to continue the rehabilitation from home? Lin, Chiao-Wen, an occupational therapist from Ya-Po Service Center, mentioned that any items at hand can be the teaching aid back home. For example, when training fingers for fine movements, you can not only tear the toilet paper, but also use the leaves instead to get the same effects. Or take out the clothespins, clay to let children try to operate and use the force to carry out simple rehabilitation from home.


When you are with your child, you don’t have to be afraid. The Underprivileged Children Service Project from Eden Foundation can be the best back up for your children.