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Empower Families with Disabilities


Home is a life-long shelter for everyone. Yet families would fall apart due to the sudden impact of members with disabilities present at birth or occurring later in their life. Disabilities are like a domino pusher, causing one block after another to fall, and eventually knocking down the whole family.

Families with disabilities need our support to go through the ordeal and carry on their lives. By helping a person with disabilities, we can save one family from despair, giving them strength to continue the fight for a better future.

The Service Program for Empowering Families with Disabilities, launched by the Eden Social Welfare Foundation, provides assistance to caregivers of disabled family members to support their painstaking long-term effort. The Program also gives physically challenged individuals an opportunity to live independently. By doing so, we hope to contribute to the wellbeing of families with disabilities.

Even though they were once abandoned by society and held captive by despair, many individuals with disabilities, inborn or not, never give up, for they believe that persistence opens the door to a new life. Compared with people without disabilities, they work harder. Despite an unsatisfactory condition, they strive to cross barriers with great aspiration.




In Taiwan, there are now over one hundred thousand children with developmental delays, 2.6 million senior citizens, and 1.1 million people with disabilities.

The Service Program for Families with Disabilities of the Eden Social Welfare Foundation reaches into every part of Taiwan. We provide holistic care services, including early intervention resources for children with developmental delays, care, occupational training, and accessible living services for adults with mental or physical disabilities, and long-term care services for the elderly. In this way, we hope to support families through ordeal to embrace a bright future.