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2010 Yushu (Qinghai Province) Earthquake


Yushu(玉樹) Earthquake struck Qinghai (青海) on 14 April 2010, and it left 2,220 people killed, 70 missing and 12,135 injured. 15,000 houses fell apart and 100,000 victims werein need of relocation and resettlement. The buildings in Yushu were completely devastated.



Eden was the first organization from Taiwan to investigate in Yushu. From 24 Mayto3June 2010, Eden’s staffin China wasone of the first groups who sent clothing, instant noodles and waterand other supplies from Sichun(四川)to Qinghai. We alsovisited localagencies to assess theneedsof the survivors.



Emotional connection: Long term concernon the education of children in the Northwest



Eden has been serving local childrensince 2007 and has developed a strongbond with the local schools in each province of the Northwest. The Yushu Orphanage School for Tibetans had also beenseverely damagedin this earthquake. On behalf of the Taiwanese people, Eden donated the school NT$1 million to assist in rebuilding classrooms.


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