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Youth with Visual Impairments from Nauru Meet Friends from Able Disable Center


On August 2, 2013, 10 students aged between 13 to 30 with disabilities from Able Disable Center, Republic of Nauru, along with their parents and teachers, gathered together at Ban-Cheng Taiwan Friends Church (台灣基督教貴格會板城教會) in New Taipei City for the final presentation featuring local participants from this year's Summer English and Art Program for Youth with Visual Impairments at Eden to celebrate art and friendship.

The two groups have been introduced to each other on July 31 at the studio at New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum during a DIY session where members from both groups experienced how to make their own pottery for the first time.



Invited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan) and received by Eden Social Welfare Foundation, members of the Youth Delegation from Able Disable Centre were on an 8-day trip to Taiwan to experience the island's facilities and services for persons with disabilities.



Able Disable Centre was established in Nauru in 2000,and it is the only school for persons with disabilities in Nauru, ranging from physical disabilities such as visual, hearing, or speech impairments to intellectual disabilities. The group visited many of Eden’s service centers in Taipei and Taichung and interacted with service users of all age groups.



When visiting Eden’s Sheltered Bakery for Persons with Disabilities in Taichung, the Nauruan students had another brand new experience where they made their first tray of cupcakes with the help of staff members at the bakery. Each of them also tasted their own work of art served straight from the oven.



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