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"Never Give Up" Speech Series by Nick Vujicic


In July 2011, Nick Vujicic was invited to Taiwan by Eden Social Welfare Foundation, giving atour of motivational speeches of unprecedented scale in Taiwan. Four Never Give Up speeches by Nick were given in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung, attracting a record number of 40,000 audiences.



In 2011, Eden would enter its 30th year of serving the underprivileged community. Eden is always searching for creative breakthroughs for community services. In order to become part of the international network and provide more opportunities for Taiwanese communities of persons with disabilities to interact with international NPOs, Eden managed to invite the Australian evangelist Nick Vujicic to Taiwan on July 2011 after three years of effort. People witnessed the limbless yet optimistic fighter Nick and how he never gave up hope. His speeches inspired many to leave behindtheir mental and physical barriers and limitations and start leading an optimistic and happy life.



Through his speech, Nick shared four seemingly simple yet meaningful principles: (1) If you never try, you'll never know how faryou can reach; (2) if you fail, you just keep trying, there's no other way; (3) failure is an opportunity to improve your knowledge; (4) turn every obstacle in life into opportunities.

Nick's personal experiences have greatly moved leaders and the people in Taiwan. Mayor Jason Hu Zhi-qiang of Taichung City praised Nick as Mr. Never Give Up, and presented him with an Award of Courage and granted him Honorary Citizenshipof Taichung. Mayor Chen Chu of Kaohsiung City also welcomed Nick on behalf of the people, and praised Nick as a strong, energetic and optimistic warrior for life. Mayor Chen expected the audience to emulate Nick's energetic nature as well as Eden's spirit in helping the underprivileged.

Nick's "Never Give Up" speech had won recognition and support from schools, missions, government and corporations. With help provided from various fields, underprivileged students from remote regions, ex-convicts, and persons with disabilities were allowed to attend the live speeches.

Eden has long been at the side of persons with disabilities and encouraged them to realize their personal potentials. The speeches were concluded with a collaborative performance by wheelchair dancers, children from remote regions,and Performance Workshop. The national Paralympics powerlifting athlete Lin Ya-xuan also shared experiences duringher 12-year struggle. Her speech won cheers and emotional moments from the audience.


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