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Workability International (WI) and Workability Asia (WAS)


Workability International (WI), established in 1987, had become the largest provider of employment opportunities and jobs for persons with disabilities. There are currently 131 member organizations under WI, providing 3.8 million jobs to persons with disabilities in 42 countries. Eden joined WI-Asia in 2004, and became an official member of Workability International (WI). WI is the largest international network of providers of work and employment services to people with disabilities. In 2004, WI members operating in Asia created a regional subgroup—Workability Asia—hoping to improve employment services for people with disabilities through regional networking and collaboration. In 2011, Eden attended Workability International Annual Conference in Orlando, USA and Workability Asia Conference in Tiruchirappalli, India. In 2012, Eden hosted the Workability International and Workability Asia Conference in Taipei. In the same year, Eden was once again elected to a Board Member of Workability Asia.




Workability International Annual Conference


Workability International (WI) would host annual international conferences for members as an international exchange platform. Workability International Annual Conference and WI-Asia Members' Conference of 2012 were first hosted in Taiwan by Eden Social Welfare Foundation in June 2012. About 200 activists promoting employment opportunities for persons with disabilities from 21 countries and regions around the world such as Australia, US, Japan, Philippines, India, Pakistan, Holland, UK and Sweden were invited. The attendants shared principles of employment for persons of disabilities and improved information exchange between countries.

The topic of this conference was Discussions on the Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities under Global Economic Recession. Through exchanging and discussion of employment policies and strategies for persons with disabilities from different social perspectives at the government, corporate, employment agencies and individuals with disabilities, we hoped to promote employment opportunities and improve work quality for persons with disabilities around the world, especially in Asia. The conference invited the chief author of the World Disability Report - Chapter on Work and Employment, Director Susanne M. Bruyere of Cornell University ILR School and Employment and Disability Institute. Dr. Bruyere gave lectures during the conference and helped provide guidelines for international exchange and collaboration.

Additionally, through information shared by Taiwanese speakers and visiting employment agencies for persons with disabilities in Taiwan, this conference showed international representatives relevant developments in our country and allowed local professionals to share ideas with their international counterparts.




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