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Vietnam by Xin Yeh (葉昕)


Life in Vietnam has a regular routine. We do the same things at a certain time and place. During these two weeks, I learnt the happiness of simplicity. With no internet, no phones, no text messages, I felt like I have returned to the simplest life style there is. I felt very content, and I could spend a lot of time getting to know myself by writing in my diary and simply spacing out. There is a routine but it is never boring, and I felt that I have grown mentally without being aware of it.

Although I’m not sure if I will work as an international volunteer abroad, I am certain that this experience has helped me overcome a lot of psychological barriers. For example, before I came to Vietnam, I had never had the courage to interact with persons with disability, because I didn’t know how to behave around them. But one day in class, I took up the hand of a local who suffered from polio, and I felt the warmth of his hand and his grip in mine. I realized that I was actually needed and there was little difficulty interacting with them. Their strong desire for friendship and the simplicity to it are hard to describe in words. I simply have to smile and wave to start a friendship.



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