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India by Hong-En Chen (陳宏恩)


At 5:10, our small bus stopped at its destination. At that moment, the sound of laughter reached our ears. As I was figuring out where it was coming from, a crowd of children swarm up and put wreaths around my neck as a token of blessing.  

Are these the child labors that have been sold or forced to leave home? In factories or circuses, they have been hurt or abused, forced to work in a crowded space for over ten hours per day. All their foods and needs are to be done on one small bench, all for earning a meagre wage to support their families.

I couldn’t fathom how their smiles could still be so pure and love-inspiring. The pains and hardships that had scarred them for life could not be seen at that moment or any time onwards. 

I felt that I have learnt far more from these children than they have from me. They have taught me how to get up on my feet after falling down, how to smile in the face of defeat and how to live with my imperfections.

I remember a lesson on the importance of being united. After what they have suffered, I felt that deep in their hearts, they knew exactly what it meant.

These 14 days passed in the blink of an eye, and suddenly the end was near. But I knew that this song will never have an end note and that my love and care for them will continue as long as I lived.



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