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North of Thailand by Jing-Hui Yang (楊淨惠)


These 13 days we spent in Taipei is a once in a life time experience that I will never forget.

During my time of service as an international volunteer, I never saw myself as “helping” them. I learnt so much from my interview, preparation, teaching and accompanying them, and I met a bunch of children who were grateful for what they have and brothers who believed in hope. I got to know a new culture and received so much love and care from those around us. I am very grateful and I felt that I have received a lot of positivity from it. I really felt that I had perhaps gained more than I had given.

Obviously I hope that the children and brothers from Grace Baptist Elementary School have learnt to be more positive and proactive about their future and could grow up with confidence.

Moreover, I aspire to be able to have empathy and to help others, to be caring and to give back regardless of the situation I find myself in. I hope that this desire to love others will always sustain and serve as a light for those who are lost.



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