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The population of people in desperate poverty around the world survive on less than 1 USD per day. They lack basic amenities, such as food, clean water, and clothes, and amongst these people, one out of seven is physically or mentally disabled.

For persons with disabilities in developing countries, they are undoubtedly the poorest of the poor. Eden Social Welfare Foundation is committed to using both the gospel and social welfare to create equal opportunities and enable persons with disabilities to participate in society. This promise of human rights, particularly for persons with disabilities, forms a global community that can bring about an equal society for all.

Taiwan went from being a country relying on assistance to becoming an example of charitable giving. Thirty years since Eden's foundation, we have provided life-long holistic services to persons with disabilities, regardless of their nationalities. We aim to improve the basic rights of the underprivileged both in Taiwan and abroad, and assist them to live out a life of respect, dignity and honor.