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Wheelchair Dance Troupe


The mission of the Eden Wheelchair Dance Troupe is to encourage persons with disabilities to use dance, art, sports, or other activities to inspire their own potential so that they not only contribute to society, but also to adopt a richer and more active lifestyle.



Since its establishment in November 2001, more than 235 team members have been trained, and have performed over 280 times in places including in the United States, Germany, Holland, and Singapore. Their performances inspire their audience to reflect upon the potential of life, especially when the performers are persons with disabilities. The troupe has also been invited ten times to various places such as Germany, Poland, China, Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong for exchanges and performances, winning international acclaim and excellent achievement for Taiwan.

Since 2009, Eden Wheelchair Dance Troupe attempted to combine their dance with new music, using standard wheelchair dance steps along with mainstream popular dance steps to perform popular songs.



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