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Eden Bliss Choir


“Light up the love in the dark corners, and let the heat of the light forever shine, like radiant rays of the sun.” The lyrics are an extract from the Album made by Eden Bliss Choir. This sums up the message they are spreading. Eden Bliss Choir is founded in 2005.All the members have been through years of professional music training, excelling in all kinds of musical performances. Their goal is to share the gospel, emphasizing on the spirituality of music. For years, the choir has reached churches, schools, hospitals, children’s homes, nursing homes, and institutes for persons with disabilities, social organizations and enterprises.



From 2010, they have expanded their trips to Singapore, Malaysia, New York, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sidney and China. Visual impairments have made their lives difficult and sometimes helpless, but now they can sing “Shine your Love” to break the stereotypes people have for the visually impaired and to share God’s love on earth. 



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