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Stories of People Injured by Landmines


Mrs. Li-yu Chen Chang


Mrs. Li-yu Chen Chang is currently 70 years old. When 823 Artillery Bombardment took place, Mrs. Chen was only 17 years old. She was enjoying her youth and was known as the beauty of her village. However, when she collected beach primrose as firewood, she came into contact with a landmine. The landmine took away her right leg, and changed the course of her future.



Mrs. Chen who lost her leg was forced by her father to marry a visually-impaired man. But with her husband’s death, she had to provide for the family on her own. She could only do the laundry of servicemen and small business with the military to earn some money to raise her six children. Thinking back at these difficult times, Mrs. Chen was full of despair and tears, and could only attribute the past to her unfortunate destiny.

The patches of yellow beach primrose formed the unique scenery for Kinmen. Even though the pain from the landmine remained in Mrs. Chen’s heart, but like the beach primrose that blooms yellow flowers at night and can withstand draught, Mrs. Chen walked a path of difficulty but worked hard to face her challenges. She whole-heartedly urges the government to stop using landmines. We too hope that in the future, the beaches of Kinmen will be filled with blooming yellow flowers without the threat of landmines.



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