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Stories of People Injured by Landmines

Mr. Hsi-sheng Li


Mr. Hsi-sheng Li is currently 72 years old. While carrying lumber in a field back to his family when he was only 19, he stepped on a landmine, resulting in an injury to his left foot. He needed to borrow money from family and friends for treatment and operations. After a few months, 823 Artillery Bombardment occurred, and his left leg was again hurt by an artillery, exacerbating the old injury. He was sent to Taiwan for medical treatment and the injured part had to be amputated, thus he had to use prosthetics to move around from then on.



In an interview, Mr. Li expressed a positive and proactive and positive attitude in life. Nevertheless, he makes people reflect on the cruelty of war, “After all, the harms caused by the landmines happen to our own people: the farmers who work in the fields or the soldiers who set up the landmines in the battlefield …”

Having recovered from these past tragedies, Mr. Li is actively cooperating with Eden to voice hope that the Taiwanese government would no longer use landmines in the future, so that no one else would suffer from landmines. With a compassionate heart, Mr. Li established the Kinmen County Association for the Welfare of the Disabled to care for more disabled people. He hopes that there would be a chance to introduce other landmine victims of Kinmen to landmine victims of Cambodia or Laos so that they may support each other and share their experiences.




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