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Mine Ban Campaign


Based on the vision of “Love without Borders, Rescue without Obstacles,” in 1996, Eden devoted itself to the humanitarian relief work of donating wheelchairs to landmine survivors and other persons with disabilities. In 1997, Eden also participated in the Nobel Peace Prize-winning International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL), becoming the only organizational representative in Taiwan.



During the cold war, over 100,000 landmines were laid across coastal and marine areas covering 3.5 square kilometers in Kinmen and Matsu regions. There were no means of assessing the benefits of landmines to the war effort. We do know that the mines had become a terrorizing factor for locals in Kinmen and Matsu.



Eden Social Welfare Foundation is dedicated to the advocacy for human rights for persons with disabilities both in Taiwan and abroad. Awareness for relevant topics were raised in when we became a member of the ICBL, and by 2006, Eden had successfully promoted the legislation of Antipersonnel Landmines Regulations which required the government to complete mine-clearing in offshore islands within 7 years.

In June of 2013, the Ministry of National Defense completed the clearance of all marked minefields at Kinmen and Matsu, forming a new milestone for the anti-landmine movement in Taiwan.



The Stories of Persons Injured by Landmins: