Prof. Kim, A Member of the UN CRPD Committee, Visits at Eden Social Welfare Foundation

Special thanks to Niny Yang

In order to implement the Convention Rights of the Human Rights and Disabilities (CRPD), and promote human rights-based welfare services, this year (2018) in mid-November, the Center of CRPD Research and Practice at Eden Foundation has re-invited Professor Hyung Shik Kim, a member of the United Nations CRPD Committee, to visit Taiwan for training. During the visit, Professor Kim also visited the service unit to understand and to provide suggestions on how to implement CRPD in the practical service and explain the connotation of the relevant provisions. 

The Eden Foundation officially established the world's first practical research center with CRPD as the main focus, and Professor Hyung Shik Kim served as the general counsel of the research center to help promote the work of CRPD through practical workshops, forums, writing practical research with local experts and scholars in all fields.

During the training in Taipei, Professor Hyung Shik Kim has emphasized that CRPD doesn’t just serve user or service units. CRPD should participate from the top (government) to the bottom (citizen) and the other way around. By doing this, Professor Kim hopes to reduce obstacles, gain equalization, and provide the rights that human being deserves to have.

CEO of Eden Foundation, Mr. Joa Song Huang, said that so far, there are 177 countries all over the world have signed CRPD. Although Taiwan is not a member of UN, in 2014, Taiwan still has protected the rights of people with physical and mental disabilities by legalized CRPD, which becomes the foundation of law enforcement than Persons with Disabilities Rights Protection Act.

50 articles from CRPD have revealed all the rights of persons with physical and mental disabilities. Mr. Joa Song Huang encourages internal Eden Foundation workers to use them as their core value of their services. 



On November 22, Professor Hyung Shik Kim, visited in Tainan to conduct practical service and performed educational training. He also listened to the dilemma and provide some suggestions. What’s more, in order to achieve the welfare service with human rights focus as the core value, Professor Kim emphasized that the rule of social workers should support persons with disabilities to express their personal thoughts and opinions, listening to their feelings and thoughts.

Eden has conducted educational training sessions of CRPD for social workers for many years, and has developed seven different modules according to the training contents, including basic, intermediate concept courses of CRPD, practical cases discussion, and lecture training lessons. The purpose is to enhance the sensitivity of human rights models for social workers in Taiwan.

On November 26th and 27th, Eden allowed supervision training for the first time to other NGO social workers. Total of 20 practical supervisors from 13 different NGOs participated in the course to discuss their own practice and reflection on the challenge, impact, and respond strategy of implementing CRPD.

Professor Hyung Shik Kim shared how CRPD impacts the social works, and the criteria and ability of CRPD is a professional field of physical and mental disorders in twenty-first centuries. He wishes that all NGO workers enhance the influence and put CRPD into practice to create a more humanize society.



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